Private Surgical Practice

Tom Quick undertakes the same range of work across all ages in private practice for international patients and self-funding UK patients.

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Tom has admitting rights in a number of leading London hospitals:

Tom also has previously travelled to offer medical consultation outside of the UK.

Please browse this website to discover a range of information regarding nerve injuries, and to find out more about Tom’s work.

Statement on Fees:

I am not registered with any insurance companies as these companies offer a very restrictive way of working with, often differing fees and procedures for different patients. I think it is an important principle to be fair and charge everyone the same rate, irrespective as to whether they are insured or not, or by which company.

My contract and professional relationship is with you, not with any insurance company.

My billing is very clear:

An initial face to face assessment usually takes around an hour will be £300.00. Most follow up appointments are 30 minutes depending on the problem and cost £200.00.

I do offer consultations  (these are often much easier for international patients) via Skype/Zoom; they are billed as a new patient or follow up consultation as above. Please note that  if you subsequently come to meet me face to face following an initial Skype assessment I will have to undertake a full physical examination and would consider (and bill) this as a new patient appointment to ensure that we have the time to fully assess your problems.

If you require surgery please note that operative cases are competitively billed but are often complex. My Fees will be transparent, depend on the complexity of the case and billed separately. My fee is usually between £2,000 and £10,000 per case. The total bill you will incur for surgery will include (on top of the surgical fee) a fee for the anaesthetist (around £600- £2000) and the Hospital fees. (These will be billed by the providers and not by me). These fees are variable between differing hospitals and my team can help you get these quotes and understand the implications of the billing.

It is unlikely that I can take unscheduled phone calls myself, as I spend my time seeing patients face-to-face, and can’t be interrupted. You can make a telephone appointment of course through Robyn. Otherwise emails or letters are easier to deal with (though please be sparing with emails as I give priority to face-to-face work).

If you wish me to undertake any work for you outside of our consultations.  I do of course bill this extra work. Many patents require specific extra reports or require me to produce a formal written review of  tests or other peoples’ opinions; If this is the case  please bare this in mind I charge my time at £300.00 per hour for work outside of clinic or theatre. I will not suggest any extra work of this nature with out your expressed request.

Best wishes, Tom


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