For Lawyers

Starting in 2013 and having now been instructed in over 200 cases and with court appearance experince in the UK and Ireland. (One of the these being a criminal case in London where Tom further benefited from the exposure to a jury trial.) All in court appearances the side calling Mr Quick were successful.

Mr Quick has been mainly instructed by the Claimant’s counsel. He accepts both defence and prosecution instruction (8:2 ratio) with a quick turn around of 4-6 weeks from receiving instruction. Tom prides himself on maintaining a clear line of communication to ensure the exact questions required of the case are clearly addressed. Tom’s secretarial team ensure the very highest standards of speed accuracy and approachability. Keeping the instructing parties informed as to the progress of the report within the agreed timelines and after submission of the report attending to any extra queries, conferences or court appearance timelines as necessary.

The vast majority of Tom’s reports concern both the condition and prognosis and the likely causation of cases of Obstetric (Erb’s) Palsy.

Tom has been asked to provided his expert opinion to assist in cases of causation but restricts his comments to the pathophysiology of nerve injury not straying into the area of the Obstetric expert.

Tom has lectured widely for lawyers and barristers and other medical experts on the subjects of nerve injury, brachial plexus injury, nerve injury in catastrophic injury and Birth related Brachial plexus injury. Tom is part of the commitee of the Peterhouse Medicolegal conference. ( and has provided numerous online talks (

Senior Counsel Liam Reidy in Dublin comment that in under cross examination Tom was “brilliant and remained composed”.


For Patients/Claimants

There are many times in any job where things go wrong. The problem with medicine and surgery is that when things go wrong the patient can suffer physical harm. As in any area of life errors can be mistakes or accidents, or due to someone doing something wrong or failing to take the correct action. It is this distinction that the court has to decide. if for example you have a poor outcome from surgery is it because someone took a shortcut or made the wrong decision or was it just one of those things, no one’s fault?

The medical expert in a case like this is asked by the lawyers to look through all the evidence and prepare a report for the judge. This is to explain what happened and to say what the outcome will most probably be, often to offer an opinion on if someone was to blame.

For the claimant the important thing to remember is if you are coming to me as a medical expert witness then we do not share a doctor patient relationship. If I am your surgeon I try to do everything I can to improve your condition ; if I am reporting my opinion on your case my responsibility is to give the court the most accurate report on the events and this may not be in the best interests of your condition or our case, I will be completely independent. It does not matter if it is your lawyers or the other side’s lawyers that ask me for the report.


Medicolegal work is interesting and time-consuming but is outside of my NHS workload. Thus I charge for this work. My fees are transparent and structured, I will provide any lawyer acting on your behalf with this information. I provide specialist opinion on cases requiring specific nerve injury expertise and do not accept work that is not firmly within this specialist field.

If you are attending for a medicolegal examination please expect the consultation to last between one and two hours. I will take a full history and examine you fully. You will be free to bring family members, friends or any other person you wish with you to the consultation. Please wear clothing that makes the examination comfortable for you. Confirm your appointment prior to attending. Please be aware there is a fee for cancellation.

I act in medicolegal work as an independent medical expert to arrive at my best opinion as to the truth as a matter of fact. I am completely neutral in my opinion and any report I produce about a case is for the court as expert testimony not as an argument for either of the team of lawyers.



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